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Application Development

Doon Tec has been creating applications that meet your businesses needs and help you make processes more efficient for enterprise software solutions.

DoonTec has eleven years of experience in providing Application Development and Maintenance Support to enterprise clients. Application development involves many steps, a great deal of information, and time.

The classic “waterfall” application development cycle proceeds step by step, with each step completed before proceeding to the next in the process.

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  • Application Planning
    When initially embarking on the process of application development, you will need to know where to start and then to write “Use Cases” how the application will interact with other applications.
  • Application Design
    Application architecture defines the internal structure of the application, how it will store its data, and other technical aspects. What tests will be run to verify that the application’s working etc...
  • Producing Applications
    Applications are being developed using coding language, the development team or programmers record information about their processes and design.
  • Releasing Applications
    Deployment, also called roll-out or release, is everything that happens between the production team to the potentially apprehensive moment when customers click the icon and start using the new application.
  • Maintaining Applications
    A maintenance cycle is the same as a development cycle, with planning, design, production, and release steps.
    DoonTec can reduce the client’s total cost of Application Development and Maintenance by executing its onsite-onshore-offshore model and leveraging its offshore development facility. This service is offered on a time and material (T&M) or fixed price (FP) basis.  DoonTec adheres to the Capability Maturity Model (CMM), one of the leading application development models