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UI Design

Achieve optimal results by using highly specialized User Experience designers (UX) for critical time line projects.

Usability and User Research

Usability means that people who use the product can do so quickly and easily to accomplish their tasks. Usability may also consider such factors as cost-effectiveness and usefulness. Our Usability professionals can measure the quality when interacting with a product or system whether a web site, a software application, mobile technology, or any user-operated device following step by step usability process:

  • Plan
  • Analyze
  • Design
  • Test
  • Refine
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User Experience Research
Do you know what the users want..
Do you know what they like and dislike…
It's impossible to create any kind of user-centered design without a research…

We have experience in  user requirements gathering which is  one of the most important steps in building a usable interface by  using  methods and tools like Interviewing, Survey’s, Contextual Inquiry, Task Analysis and Personas for conducting user research.

Interaction Design / User Experience Design 

Good Designs never happen by accident, well its and interactive process that involves utilizing user research to make sure your design decisions are focused on what matters most , the end user. Deciding on where and how crucial information is displayed on a webpage and figuring out the logical flow for your web applications, further documenting your design so that the business team, developers, and designers are all on the same page. We believe in having a user-centered design methodology when it comes to creating interfaces.  To summarize an interaction designer is the key of a user experience team, collaborating with visual designers, usability engineers, user experience researchers, as well as product developers who helps to define the user experience and value the user-centered design to achieve optimal results.

Information Architecture

Information architecture is the process of categorizing and labeling content in a way that makes sense to your users so they can navigate your site with ease and find what they need. Our team of Information Architects utilizes tools and methods like content inventories, card sorting, contextual Inquiry and site maps to make sure your users can find the information they are looking for on your website or application. We are accustomed to working with multidisciplinary teams to design applications and websites that are intuitive.

Doon Tec offers Information Architects and Usability Experience Staffing who can develop your world class architecture on time and material (T&M) and Fixed Price (FP) basis.