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Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate

Why You Should Attend

If you are involved with processes and procedures on any level, in any filed including healthcare, education, service, government, nonprofits or manufacturing, this program can benefit you and your organization.

Who Should Attend?

Become a more valuable employee by learning Six Sigma methodology to decrease defects and failures.

What You Can Expect
  • Preparation for the certificate exam sponsored by the American Society for Quality (ASQ)
  • Visit
  • Real – world applications for Six Sigma.
  • Practical Tools and methods to optimize the process driving your organization.
  • How to define measure, analyze, improve and control existing process.
Requirements for Six Sigma Certificate
Successful completion of the following courses:
  • Six Sigma: Introduction
  • Measurements
  • Improve and Control
  • Define
  • Analyze

Total Program Cost: $999


Bring your Laptop to class to learn about statistical software.

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Six Sigma: Introduction

Learn how to help your organization meet its goals by understanding organizational drives, lean principles and Six Sigma methodology


Learn to recognize how processes cross various functional areas, the challenge that results for process improvement efforts and project management basics.


Topics covered include process analysis and documentation, probability and statistics, collecting and summarizing data, probability distribution and measurement system analysis.


Learn to analyze-the foundation for improvement, redesign and control, including exploratory data analyses and hypothesis testing...

Improve and Control

Topics include design of experiments (DOE), basic terms, statistical process control (SPC), objectives and benefits, rational sub-grouping, control charts, implementation and validation of solutions and control plan.