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Engagement Model

At DoonTec we develop models that are best suited for your business. These models are developed based on the requirements of the client and the nature of business.

Time and Material ( T&M Model)

Doon Tec Time and Material model is known to be the best suited for all type of businesses.  As the name suggests T&M is based upon optimum utilization of resources and the time spent for the project. The charges are on the basis of agreed rate on hourly basis depending on the quality of the resources (senior or junior) you wish to engage. Time and Material is best suited for the Medium and Large businesses which require research and development and hours of testing at various phases of the Project.

Benefits of our Time and Material Model:
  • Agreed upon rate between the client and the preferred vendor.
  • Effectively communication through Emails, Chat and Intranet tools.
  • Keep updated through regular reporting system done on weekly basis.
  • Minimum hours utilization for up to 160 Hours..
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Project Based Pricing (Fixed Price Model)

Doon Tec fixed price model is known to be the best suited for small and medium businesses. We offer customized Fixed Price Model based upon client’s needs. Our Business Analyst and the Technical Team studies your project in depth and after detailed analysis comes up with the pre-defined cost thereby increasing the ROI for each dollar spent.

Benefits of our Fixed Price Model:
  • Highly Experience Team working on the project with well-defined scope of work and processes.
  • Limited Scope of Risk Involved to the parties involved.
  • On-time delivery of the project as parties is bound by the Agreement of the completion date.
  • Ensure few or minimal modifications during the execution of the project.
  • It focuses on win-win relationship for both the parties.
Full Time Equivalent (FTE Model)

Doon Tec   FTE model is best suited for HR/ Project Management/ Designers/Programmers/ Testers etc. who are assigned to and solely dedicated to your project thereby taking responsibility to complete the task within the stipulated time.  Project Manager and the dedicated team of resources closely works with you as a team to ensure that your outsourcing venture is a complete success. The engagement model is also known as Virtual Staffing. The Full Time Equivalent engagement model can be subdivided into:

Off Shore Model: The offshore model provides the most cost effective utilization of resources, the dedicated resource works out of the development center as per the client’s project needs.

Onsite Model: The Onsite model provides the utilization of the dedicated resource at the remote location in United States where the client has a constraint of going offshore.