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DoonTec performs enterprise resource planning (ERP) and its integration in business, maintenance and support services on behalf of its clients.

Enterprise resource planning is useful to any business, because its main function is to simplify the diverse facets of a business and contain them in one easy to use software system or application. It combines more than just software and technical applications though; it is a combination of people, hardware, and applications.

ERP is seen as something which can have great potential for applications in various business scenarios.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the process that business uses to track, maintain and analyse all facets of relationships with customers – whether they are current or prospective customers. When combined with IT software integration, CRM can be an extremely powerful solution to providing total company service.

CRM helps businesses of all sizes, small to large, enable their sales and marketing executives to identify, segment, and target customers, and to produce effective sales and marketing initiatives that will ultimately increase sales volumes for the business.

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Doon Tec employs ERP and CRM experienced IT Team and Consultants that can provide fulltime and consulting help to our clients.

Doon Tec offers services on time and material ( T&M) and Fixed Price (FP) basis.