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System Architecture

DoonTec provides a rational array of System Architecture Services, the process that bridges the gap between the policy and Planning Process and the Product creation process.

The Process is striving for an optimal overall business result by creating and maintaining the key issues, such as balanced and consistent design, selection of least complex solution, and the satisfaction of the stakeholders.

Don Tec System Architecting Team and System Architects utilize best practices and methodologies in decomposition and in Integral Technical Aspects of the Product Creation Process, from gathering requirement to verifications, specifications, detailed designing and deployment.

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Doon Tec has been providing Architectural Services for past eleven years thereby providing a platform for visualizing, analyzing and communicating your organization’s enterprise architecture and business process analysis, increasing your competitive edge by improving your real time decision making.

DoonTec System Architectural Process maintains the consistency throughout the entire system from roadmap and requirement to implementation, verification and ensuring integrity in time for our clientele.

Doon Tec offers system architecture on time and material (T&M) and Fixed Price (FP) basis.