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Team Transitioning

Doon Tec has extensive experience providing transitioning services to its clients, and has transitioned many contractors and consultants from other vendors to our existing team and to our clientele.

We ensure smooth and seamless transition services. Over the past years we have posted several IT consultants at data centers and other infrastructural facilities; our primary objective has been to ensure and assure business continuity.

Wherever transition is necessary and approved, we make strategic recommendations to clients and assure both the employees and clients experience a flawless handoff with no interruptions to services.

For any transitioning exercise, we at Doon Tec deploy low cost technology solutions; the transition process has proven to accomplish long-term retention and motivation for these employees.

With over eleven years of experience, our processes have been time-tested and highly successful, transition processes ultimately benefiting both the client and employees by transitioning the best candidates to the most appropriate positions and rates. It is in the best interest of the client and employees to have quick and efficient transition processes whenever change is required; it is facilitated.

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