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IT Candidate Testimonials

I would like to thank DoonTec for the great opportunity they gave me, it was a true pleasure to work for the company like this.  A company that cares for its hard working employees, and were able to provide me with a great opportunity as a Web Developer for a highly respected client. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a hands-on approach to client/consultant relationship.

Sr. Web Developer

Doon Tec was a great place to work for a new IT professional with Networking Experience. DoonTec trained me in the  Microsoft SharePoint administrator role and gave me an opportunity to work for their clients. I am thankful to DoonTec because the company helped me to get Permanent Residency in United States in 2 years and have been there every step of the way.

Sr. SharePoint Administrator

Doon Tec gave me the opportunity to be recognized and eventually accept a full time position after working for 2 years with their clients in the tri-state area. I would recommend college graduates to apply with the company for a hands-on experience in the technical and non-technical field.

Software Developer

During the tough economic times, DoonTec recruiter matched my qualifications with the needs of the clients and within 2 days I had an interview with the potential employer. I was offered and accepted a position with one of the DoonTec clients. I could not have asked for a better partner in this process

Infrastructure Project Manager

DoonTec Technical Resource Manager contacted me with for a Network Engineer opportunity with a Telecom Company in Tri-state Area, I was interviewed by the Client Manager and they offered me a job in next 2 hours. I appreciate the opportunity given to me to work for the best employers in the city.

Network Engineer